Mitigation Solutions Submissions Call

Call for Submissions now closed

Mitigation Solutions

We invite contributions on new mitigation solutions from around the world. By mitigation solutions we mean feasible, effective, and scaleable ways of reducing GHG emissions, backed by clear evidence. Mitigation solutions may relate to:  

  1. reducing or managing demand for energy and resources in transport, buildings and other consumption contexts;
  2. decarbonising energy supply, industrial production and manufacturing;
  3. integrating demand and supply in well-designed resource-efficient systems.

We also invite contributions on greenhouse gas removal (GGR) techniques that are not land-use based (as nature-based solutions are covered in separate conference sessions). GGR mitigation solutions are subject to the same criteria of being feasible, effective, evidenced, and scaleable. We are particularly interested in mitigation solutions that:

  1. are scientifically or technologically novel;
  2. are directly associated with GHG emission reductions (or GGR), and/or create strong enabling conditions for GHG emission reductions;
  3. have clearly evidenced effectiveness in real world settings;
  4. are scaleable or replicable beyond specific application contexts;
  5. are relevant to CoP26 objectives on ratcheting up countries’ mitigation ambitions. 

We welcome submissions from researchers, students, industry, civil society, and policymakers. We particularly encourage contributions from research students and early career researchers working with non-academic partners on developing, testing and scaling mitigation solutions. 

Submissions are now closed

COP26 Climate Exp0 is a fully virtual conference and will accept 2 submission types:

Individual presentations

(abstract max 200 words)

Both live and pre-recorded presentations will be included in the conference and you will have 10-15 minutes to present your research. The conference organisers may choose to include your paper in a panel session if appropriate.

Poster presentations

(abstract max 200 words)

Successful poster presenters will be asked to produce both the poster graphic summarising their research as well as a 2-minute, pre-recorded video explaining their poster which will be hosted alongside the poster graphic.  

You can only submit one abstract per content type and theme (so you may submit one abstract for a presentation and one abstract for a poster, but not 2 abstracts for 2 different poster proposals). Duplicate submissions will not be reviewed. 


  • Wednesday 10 March: Submissions close
  • Monday 22 March: Decisions communicated for all submissions and provisional programme published
  • Friday 16 April: Deadline for pre-recorded submissions
  • Thursday 22 April: Final programme published
  • Monday 17 May: COP26 Climate Exp0 begins

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